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Tymirra Graham



Meet the CEO and founder of Foreseeable Future, Ms. Tymirra Graham. Tymirra's a 25-year-old, South Jersey native, who recently picked up entrepreneurship.

Throughout my childhood, wacky hairstyles in wacky colors always piqued my interest. I wore different hairstyles, in different colors, because they expressed my free spirit. I’ve even had green hair at one point in my life. Although green hair may be very normal today, it was unheard of a few years ago. Since a child, I’ve always been daring and fearless. I’ve always stepped outside of the box others seemed to be trapped in. When society manipulated us into believing only one look was the beauty standard, I chose to look like the opposite.

When I reached high school, I began expressing myself more and more through my hair. I was aware I wasn’t my hair, and it did not define me, so I took that opportunity to make a statement. A statement that dared people to be different. A statement that dared people to express themselves. A statement that dared people to love themselves. I didn’t realize, right before my eyes, I was teaching myself self-love. I didn’t realize I was inspiring others to love themselves. There were no mistakes made on this painted canvas and I’m making it my mission to help others feel the same about themselves.

As I sit back, I can recall many days of crying in the mirror, contemplating cutting all my hair, and questioning why God would curse me with this hair. It’s not uncommon, in our communities, for young black girls and black women to not know how to properly care for and manage their hair. The history of our hair and the knowledge of how to care for it had been lost, erased, and replaced with beauty standards that we can’t quite live up to. Beauty standards that don’t express our natural beauty. Beauty standards that don’t represent our communities.

As a child, I didn’t quite understand why I received so many negative comments and so much hate when it came to my natural hair. I didn’t understand why I wasn’t allowed to keep my natural kinks, coils, and curls. Because I was the only girl with 4C hair, in my family, no one possessed the knowledge of how to manage it and by default, I was subjected to getting relaxers. Unluckily for me, I didn’t get the silky, shiny, nor smooth results that were promised on the box. Instead, I began to lose my edges and the hair on my nape. Every month, I began to lose more strands and there was nothing that I could do about it. I was tired of crying. I was tired of the frustration. I was tired of hiding my hair. I was so exhausted with the situation; I made the decision to chop it off at 14-years-old. From there, I battled with my puffy hair on the top of my head and the brittle new growth on my nape and edges. This is where and how the birth of Foreseeable Future’s products came about and honestly, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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